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THA GRIMM TEACHAZ: You know how a thug in the street is gonna pop off but how much do you communicate with a puma? How do you talk down a rattlesnake? It's the most dangerous game son!

Kid Pep & DJ Lejm nedjelja, 18. srpnja 2010

After almost two decades of silence potlista.com does some catching up with the Grimm Teachaz. It's truly a blast from middle school past with KDz and PMDF shedding some light on what all went down back in the day as well as what's on their current agenda. Get ready for a little fact check one-two with hip hops very own Brothers Grimm.

So, whatchu been up to since '93 and how come nobody's heard of this record before?
KDz: I been working. I used to repair telephone booths. Now I just mostly chill with the wife Jueles. Nobody heard this because we broke up..... My little brother Tanya recently moved into my garage. He was cleaning out the garage and he found the old tape. He sent it to these guys out in Los Angeles, and they put it out. But they didn't really put it out, they just attached it to some other shit. They are going to put it out on tape - so we'll see about that. I don't really know about these Breakfast cats though, we haven't stepped on one stage in years. So we'll see...
PMDF: Because we were spitting so much truth back then that nobody wanted to hear. Now the people seem more open to the truth. But don't be fooled yo. The devil is still a conniver .

Where do you hail from?
KDz: This aint 20 questions, don't ask where the Dz lives!
PMDF: Origininally from the CHI but I stayed out in Mt. Clemens, MI. (a suburb of Detroit) for a while until I was a teenager.

You must've been pretty big in the underground if you hooked up with Son Doobie in '93 when ''Which Doobie U B'' was blowin' up. Can you say something about your starts and why it all ended and stuff?
KDz: Doobies is the man, Philly 1992, that's how we connected, the Jive showcase. Me & PM just met on the streets, nah, actually Koufie set us up, you know , like Koufie's like the godfather of this whole shit - we just started going to the Temple Studios every day doing all kinds of tracks - yeah Koufie is the one who started it. But shit, it's been almost 20 fuckin years, ever since that Tevin Campbell shit, that messed everything up. That "Can We Talk" remix....
PMDF: Well first off I want to say peace to Jason. He was real cool to work with. And I'm happy that he is still doing his thing. As for the Teachaz, I can honestly say that it was the label, Kenny, and Koufie who brought the house down. I didn't know Kenny or Koufie when I came back to the CHI. I was writing rap songs for this R&B group called TILT (Tomorrow Is Love Today big ups!) and the lead singer was my guy LaChance who knew Koufie from the studio he was recording at and suggested that I get down with him. KD'z knew Koufie too and we decided to form a group. I'm saying yo, real talk, I came up with the whole concept of the record and they let the label manipulate them. They straight told them to get rid of me cause I was speaking truth and spitting that right knowledge and they complied. Koufie was on that Master Fard, White prophet for Black people kick and I wasn't having none of that. And when the Tevin Campbell shit happpened I had to be out.

In the liner notes you said sorry to Shaq, but the record has him pretty bashed. Is it beef or love?
KDz: Like I said, man, that shit was 20 years ago. It's not beef or love - I mean, what happened was, we were doing the Jive showcase in Philly, Shaq was there too, after our set Shaq said something to PM about my stash, some slick stuff, I saw him and the pm laughing, it hurt my feelings...and Shaq don't want none, he should have kept his mouth shut. 20 years ago, I was a lot more sensitive than i am now. But a man's stash is a man's stash, and a man's stash is on his face, and his face is close to his brain, and his brain contain the wisdom. So, to me, underhandedly, Shaq was talking about my wisdom, he had to get done, i couldnt let it slide. In retrospect.......
What happened in Philly?
PMDF: I wasn't concerned with none of that shit. That was all Kenny.

In '93 you had a mustache, are you still sportin' the style?
KDz: Yeah, I mean haven't you seen "Dennehy" ? I mean, I'm a lot more chiller now, i'm all about family, the wife, my buds Curtis, Maureen, Stace, Tanya you know etc...

How come you weren't on the cover of Midnight Marauders?
KDz: What kind of question is that?! Why weren't you in Chicago when the bulls won some titles?
PMDF: Jealousy man. Now here's a riddle. What happens when you put the sun in box. It outshines everything else.

You were comin out with ''I Getz'' when Wu-Tang was comin out with Enter the 36 Chambers. What do you think of the Staten Island sound of 93?
PMDF: I was into it man. The sound was rugged and they studied the lessons too. I just wished my man U-God would've got a little more to eat. When they put out Cappadonna's album before his, that was the beginning of the end.

Tre Weasele did your video and photos. Did he do any stuff later? Anything we might have heard of?
KDz: Yeah, he filmed a few more Teachaz videos, but we gotta see where Breakfast are at with the financials, cause they don't really have everything in order. Tre worked on some stuff with Bokeem Woodbine, I believe, he also did some stuff with PM in his solo days, post-Teachaz. Last I heard he's working on some pilots still and works at a juice distributor or something like that.
PMDF: I did another video with him when I joined TILT for a minute.. It was way ahead of it's time. Lost contact with him when I started up my community center.

How exactly did Tevin Cambell ruin your shits?
KDz: Well, the label reached out to us to do the "Can We Talk" Remix and we straight laced it, and for some stupid reason they took off the PM's verse....
PMDF: His bitch ass label took me off the song and left KD'z verse on it. I would have ran up on him in the street but the god was trying to be peace you know what I mean. Never really forgave Kenny and Koufie for that.

For those of us who never met him, how Fresh was Greg, and what happened to him?
KDz: Greg was ill. Rest in peace.
PMDF: That was another fucked up thing about working with the Teachaz. I wasn't there when they recorded the verse and I've never heard it. So honestly I don't know. But I know he died of aids so R.I.P

How did you resolve the whole Melissa situation?
KDz: Ahhh there was no Melissa situation. Melissa succumbed to the American nightmare, its a shame, she was a sweet girl.
PMDF: It was just a song but I do dig older women. Cougars, wildcats, house panthers or whatever they call them these days.
Do you know where she is now?
KDz: I have no idea
Is it possible she ran off with Koufie?
KDz: I have no idea where Koufie is either. I've been trying to hit him up for years.

Would you do a record without Koufie? How crucial was he? Do you have any plans for Tha Grimm Teachaz in the future and stuff?
KDz: Yeah, I took a while, but I done it, there's even some KDz solo shit. I did this song called "Shazam" and a few other ones before I totally quit for like 10 years. I got some new shit tho coming out with Jel and Odd Nosdam soon. "Flat Pop" and "Perculators". But Koufie was the guy, we were over at the Temple like everyday. Me, PM, Greg, Michael (MC17) - the glory days... As for the Teachaz in the future, time will tell.
PMDF: I DID records without Koufie. I put out a bunch after the break up but I fell out with the producers, lost the masters and just gave up. On rap. Then around 2000 I put out a rave-rap record with this group Kravetina in Dubrovnik. It was my only real success. All Europe.

You collaborated with Son Doobie in '93. Who would you collaborate with today? Anybody?
KDz: Nah, I got my own thing
PMDF: Not so much into rap these days. I always wanted to learn how to play the trumpet.

How does one deal with a poobutt in 2010?
KDz: Ah man, I've matured since then, live and let live.... or just kick him in his ass.
PMDF: Remember Rasputin!

In the video for ''I Getz'' you traded the streets for nature, but you brought a gun AND a machete. Are you saying the nature is more dangerous than the streets?
KDz: You ever seen The Blair Witch Project? Enough said.
PMDF: See man, nature is the 'x'. It represents the unknown. You know how a thug in the street is gonna pop off but how much do you communicate with a puma.? How do you talk down a rattlesnake? It's the most dangerous game son!

What were you running from in the end of the video? Was it a bear?
KDz: None of your business. let's just say, in '93, shit was real.
PMDF: We were running from COINTELPRO yo!

We read there was some GT joint before ''There's a Situation on the Homefront''. Is it possible we'll ever hear it?
KDz: We have more tracks between '91 and '93, but Koufie had all that shit. I have no idea where Koufie's at. Yo Koufie - hit me up - it's Kenny.
PMDF: Perhaps. It wasn't a whole lot of material. It was basically the stuff that never made it to the album. and one song with TILT.

''Increase the peace, increase the violence'' ?
KDz: One false move have your crew in silence.
PMDF: That's the balance. Positive/Negative. Build and Destroy.

What WAS the situation on the homefront?
PMDF: It's an everyday thing.

You can only get Tha Grimm Teachaz album with the new Friday Night joint. Do you even like their music? And what's your relationship with Geti and Fidel?
KDz: I have no idea what the Friday Night is and judging by the computer, it's safe to say that I'm not the only one. It's some story stuff, that's all I know really. I saw some video with some dude in a car, wierdo stuff. I never met Geti or Fidel.
PMDF: I'm digging on the story rap. They kinda take it back on some old Slick Rick ish but with a dancy vibe. It's cool. The brothers are very deep and the music is slamming! I met them once but seperately when I was touring with TILT as a roadie after my community center went under. That was a hard time for me. I gave that place %110 you know what I mean.

What do you have to say to people who claim they were down with you in 93?
KDz: Well, there were a lot of people running around saying that they were down with tha Teachaz, and I probably dealt with a few of em too hotheadedly, for that I apologize. Everyone else, thank you.
PMDF: Today, I simply say salaam and I'll leave it at that.

You sell your record for pretty cheap, do you have any day jobs, and what are they if yes?
PMDF: I work as a painters assistant for and up and coming LA artist Frohawk Two Feathers. I did grafitti before all this rap shit started so it seemed like the right move. And yeah, it's hard work but it keeps the lights on.
KDz: I do the "Dennehy" song outside of Soldiers and Wrigley Field sometimes, I also work in a scrap yard three days a week with some of my buds. A film crew did the "Perculators" video at my job, that should drop soon.

Is there room for Tha Grimm Teachaz and The Situation On The Homefront in the 21st century? Are you afraid that the record/yourselves might sound dated?
KDz: Do you think the record sounds dated!? Music is music. Tha Teachaz was ill and still is.
PMDF: Not at all. Cause aint nobody really kicking it like this anymore. I think it's even more important now because back then it was consciousness and fun. Now it's just fun with no substance. There's got to be a balance man. The world needs us right now.

'93. was almost 20 years ago. Did you guys stay in touch and what is your relationship now?

KDz: Time heals all wounds. I'm 47 years old. When the Teachaz came out I was 29. We hadn't spoken in a while, until Tanya got us this Breakfast shit. We've only done one show, and that was in Philly in '93. We're trying to change that - I think I still got it.

PMDF: Not really. As I explained earlier, I hated those guys for a long time but I realized that was counter-productive and small of me. So now I can accept what happened as the past and I'm ready to move on. I welcome dialogue with them.

Any last words for the peeps out there?
KDz: Get Tha Grimm Teachaz! We only get $2 for every preorder so buy that Saturday Night shit so we can get our measly change. Thank you.
PMDF: Peace to the world. Love all your brothers and sisters. Buy the album. You wont regret it! Thank you.