mixtape #31 - Elizabeth Morris (Allo Darlin')

ponedjeljak, 2. lipnja 2014

Elizabeth Morris, pjevačica grupe Allo Darlin’, svojim će solo nastupom u subotu, 7. lipnja zatvoriti ovu sezonu Žura. Tim povodom nedavno smo objavili interview s Elizabeth, a ona nam je pripremila i svoj mixtape.

Popis pjesama:

1. Nina Simone – Suzanne
Such an amazing cover, by the woman who I think is the greatest artist that I've ever heard. I first found Nina Simone in my mum's record collection when I was a teenager, and all other music just sounded empty and boring and shallow afterwards. She always has the most amazing marriage of rhythm and melody in her tunes. And the most incredible piano player, oh boy.

2. La Sera - Love That's Gone
I like Katy Goodman a lot, I think I would like her to be my friend. Her songs are great too, this is very nice. I don't know that much of her stuff but I need to listen more.

3. The Wave Pictures – Whiskey Bay
A great tune by my wonderful friends. Sounds like the beginning of summer to me!

4. Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata
This is my go to song when I feel down, or a little flat. It's impossible to feel glum with Miriam on the stereo. Her voice sounds like a smile.

5. Real Estate – Talking Backwards
I'm late to the Real Estate party, I don't really know much new music apart from what my friends make. But I like this band, I think their heart is in the right place. Plus they remind me of the Feelies, which is a good thing.

6. Dick Diver – Head Back
A great band from Melbourne, this sounds exactly like the kind of throwback to the 80s thing we listened to in the 90s (bands like Custard from Brisbane, also a lot of Robert Forster Go Betweens) but the thing is this is recent. It sounds so Australian to me it makes me homesick. I like these dudes.

7. Johnny and June – It Ain't Me Babe
A classic duet, I love to sing June's parts to myself when I am riding my bicycle around town. It's often in my head this song.

8. Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
Just the best!

9. Courtney Barnet – Avant Gardener
She's really fine too, also from Melbourne. I love this tune, it reminds me of Like A Rolling Stone, and her lyrics are really wonderful. Great stuff, I'm glad she's doing so well.

10. The Clean – Anything Could Happen
So much stuff is coming out that sounds like The Clean at the moment (see Dick Diver) I thought it important to include the original!

11. Liz Phair – Divorce Song
That first Liz Phair album is still one of my favourites, boy is it good. These lyrics are incredible, when she sings if you'd known how that would sound to me just breaks my heart. This song is so sad and powerful and original and fragile. I Love how sparse this album is, in terms of the instrumentation. Just brilliant.

12. Eux Autres – My Love Will Not Let You Down
Another incredible, original cover of a Springsteen song, by our friends Eux Autres. One of my favourite love songs, they've taken a bombastic (in the best sense) Springsteen tune and made it powerful and feminine.

13. Herman Dune – Show Me the Roof
This song was written about my friend's roof. I love listening to Mas Cambios and I miss Herman Dune.

14. The Feelies – The Good Earth
The Feelies were/are a lovely band. I got into them only in these past few years and I feel like they're here for my life.

15. Joni Mitchell – Carey
My favourite summer song, from the master.

16. Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Up Above My Head
An incredible guitar player and singer, it fills my heart with joy to watch old videos of SRT online. She was just the best ever, and inspires me to play guitar.

Fotografija: Adrian Bischoff

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