mixtape #22 - Paul Leclair (Joke)

ponedjeljak, 31. ožujka 2014

Nakon 21. mixtape-a koje su nam pripremali muzičari iz regije, vrijeme je da ‘probijemo granice’. Novi pot listin mixtape pripremio je Paul Leclair aka Julien, pjevač francuske grupe Joke. Ovi ‘jebeni Francuzi’ dobro su poznati na našim prostorima na kojima su nastupali veliki broj puta, a ovaj mixtape promovira njihov novi album "Lavoblaster" koji je sniman u Burkini Faso.

Introducing the new Joke's album, Lavoblaster, recorded in Burkina Faso. Free download on www.joke-joke.net, 1st of April 2014.:

00. Thomas Sankara speaks
Leader of the Burkina Faso revolution (1983/1987)

01. A.T.T. – Faso La
Artiste Tout Terrain (All Terrain Artist) is Amadou Diabaté, part of the most important musicians' family in Ouagadougou. This song is a hymn to Burkina (“men of integrity” in mooré language) Faso (“land” in dyula language). Among other members of the family his brother Issouf Diabaté features on this song.

02. Victor Démé – Burkina Mousso
Victor Démé is an emblematic singer of Bobo Dioulasso, west Burkina Faso. This song celebrates women of Burkina Faso. Issouf Diabaté is here again on guitar, with Salif and Ali Diarra (kora and percussions).

03. Joke feat. Victor Démé & Valian – OKKO
Jebeni Francuzi are in the house. Featuring Victor Démé, introducing the rapper Valian. The lyrics describe a life surrounded by acronyms, from IMF to WTO or NATO. From the new album “Lavoblaster”, recorded in Burkina Faso. Free download, 1st April 2014: www.joke-joke.net

04. Valian – Le Chien Aboie
Title means “Dog's barking”. One of the main songs of Valian, journalist, rapper and poet, describing political oligarchy in BF. Check out for the video clip of this song, you'll understand the lyrics.

05. Sembadou – Banfora Kadi
Back in West Burkina Faso with Sembadou. Banfora is a little town near Ivory Coast and Mali borders. Banfora is beautiful, says the song.

06. Sana Bob – Mon Pays
Sana Bob is the most important reggae artist in BF, unfortunately not known as he should, but still he is one of the best afroreggae artists alive. All of his lyrics are politically involved, in this song he speaks directly of BF: “My country, mentality has to change, situation has to change !” Sana Bob always appears with a megaphone.

07. Joke feat. Sada Ba, Awa Diabaté, Salif Diarra – Le Contraire
Featuring Sada Ba, Awa Diabaté (vocals) and Salif Diarra (kora). The song is an apology of the non-identity: “they're all, we're the opposite, they've all, we've got the opposite.”

08. Black Soman – On s'en Fout
Black Soman died in mysterious conditions in 2002. He was a music activist, criticizing power of the political class. He's warmly remembered in BF and all his songs became classics of the popular music.

09. Joke feat. D-Oud, Victor Démé, Wendlamita Kouka, Bebey Bissongo – On s'en Fout
Here is the cover of the previous song, featuring D-Oud La Paix, Wendlamita Kouka, Victor Démé, Baliku (vocals) and Bebey Prince Bissongo (guitar). Tribute.

10. Wendlamita Kouka – Ris Pas
Let's ride again with the unique style of Wendlamita Kouka who drops the last verse of the previous song. Wendlamita is also known as Wilfried De Paul, talented painter.

11. Busta Gaeenga – Wemecore
Busta represents the hardcore hip-hop scene of Wemtenga, East Ouagadougou district. This song features on his first album. Hip-hop scene is very active in Burkina Faso.

12. Joke feat. Busta Gaeenga – Bordel
Featuring Busta Gaeenga. “Do you stay calm ?”

13. Joke feat. Baba Commandant & Ibrahim Keďta – Tout le Monde Compte
First song of the album Lavoblaster, arguing about how people are far more than statistics. Featuring Baba Commandant (vocals), king of afro-manlinke-beat in Burkina Faso, and Ibrahim Keďta (percussions).

14. Baba Commandant – Wasso
Let's dive into the deep voice of Baba Commandant again, respected character of the Burkina's scene. Baba Commandant creates his own style between traditional music, afrobeat and rock. You could call him an African punk. This song features on his first album Juguya. Check it out on soundcloud.com/ouagajungle.

15. Art Melody – Barka Barka
Art Melody may be the most talented hardcore rapper in Ouagadougou. You should dig for his last album Wogdog Blues.

16. Joke feat. La Famille – 5 Francs (En vente dans ce monde de merde)
The 5 Francs' coin is the smallest coin in Burkina's money. This song, against the dictatorial power of money around the world, gathers 20 singers from Burkina Faso but also from Balkans, including Almir and Adis (Dubioza Kolektiv), Juri (St!llness), Nenad (Antenat), Buddy and Skill (Gipsy Mafia), Uroš (Red Five Point Star), and many others...

17. Dubamix vs. Joke – Le Monde Bouge Remix
This is a remix of the Joke's song “Le Monde Bouge” featuring Djmawi Africa (Algeria). Check out for the last album of Dubamix, 100% free download, http://dubamix.net

18. Thomas Sankara speaks

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